About this Website

I bought this domain with my name on it a while ago. It seems lonely, so I'm throwing something up here.

This site is generated with Lektor, which I chose over other static site generators because it uses Jinja2, a widespread general-purpose templating language. In theory, that should make it easier to reuse code.

I also selected Lektor because it has a CMS-style interface for editing, and though I mainly want to edit in vim, I worked on an internal project for a static-site CMS once and wanted to play around and compare.

It's hosted as a static site out of an Amazon S3 bucket. I checked on hosting out of a Backblaze B2 bucket first, but they don't currently support custom-domain hosting. That would require me to run a VPS that would proxy requests, which I don't want to do, so I just used S3.

This is a website that was made with the Lektor quickstart.

And it does not contain a lot of information.