Reader Feedback

Despite looking like it was made in 1999, this site has actually been online for a short time. Despite this, we have already received a healthy collection of reader feedback!

Our first piece of feedback is from Landon M.:

It could use a dancing baby or two.

Landon M.

Apparently not sufficiently 90s-ized by Lektor's default theme which makes use of revolutionary features like new-fangled Cascading Style Sheets, Landon M. seeks the world-changing dancing baby, perhaps the first crossover pop culture sensation that originated as a GIF speeding through the intertubes.

We must not disappoint our loyal readers!

Dancing baby gif

Behold, the dancing baby, in all its glory.

Our second bit of feedback comes from Matt C.:

It makes you sound like a grumpy old asshole.

Matt C.

We are happy to hear that Matt C.'s reading of the site lead him to an accurate assessment of its subject. What a stunning victory!

Our third piece of reader feedback originates with one Alex B.:

Looking crazy is important.

Alex B.

No comment.

Please send your feedback to jeff at this domain. 🐮 🔔